I was born and raised for the first 22 years of my life in north-east Italy, near the city of Verona. After 6 years spent in Paris, I currently live in Cambridge, UK.

I've always been drawn to the arts, one way or another. As a kid, I learned by myself to play the old piano that was otherwise gathering a fair deal of dust in one of our living room's corners. I would spend hours trying to create my own "compositions", based on the feelings and mood I was in at the time. The results were very debatable, but the fun and the pleasure to express myself were the reason why I was enjoying it so much.

Later on, photography would become my new, ever-growing passion. In hindsight, it has always been quite inevitable. I've been taking pictures most of my life. It goes back to when I got utterly fascinated when I saw a reflex for the first time. It belonged to one of my parents' friends we were having holiday with. Much to my astonishment, he showed me how the weird object worked and how it was important to correctly set exposure and focus to successfully transfer the world onto a photographic film. An instant in time captured and stored into a manmade support. From unstoppable change to a frozen memory. Later, still a little kid, I was given my first "toy" camera as a birthday present. I clearly remember my excitement realising that, as opposed to the single-use film cameras I had used until then, it had a little zoom. I would spend entire afternoons wandering by myself around the tiny Croatian village of our family holidays in search for the best compositions: the harbour, the old fishermen houses, vagabond cats and flowers.

I started to take pictures more seriously (and obsessively) in 2011, when I finally could afford my first digital reflex. Since then, I have been relentlessly drawn mainly to natural landscape photography. With the idea that a photograph only starts to be made after the shutter closes, my aim is to capture a portion of the physical world and reinterpret it so as to convey an emotional resonance dominated by a sense of peaceful, silent timelessness. In constant search and experimentation of quasi-minimal compositions, I am drawn to soft light conditions and the subtle tonal transitions that can be created with it.

With still lot to learn, photography provides me with refuge and relief from the worries, the complexity and, at times, the harshness of our human world.

Andrea Frapporti, 2019


– International Photography Awards IPA 2018, Honorable Mention in Nature, Lanscapes 
– 2017 :: Best of Photography Contest sponsored by SIGMA, Honorable Mention (Top 1%)
– Moscow International Foto Awards 2017, Honorable Mention Fine Art – Landscape
– Fine Art Photography Awards 2016, 1st Place Winner in Landscape
– Moscow International Foto Awards 2016, Honorable Mention Architecture – Cityscapes
– Fine Art Photography Awards 2016, Nominee in Landscape
– Monochrome Awards 2016, Honorable Mention Landscapes
– 10th Annual Black and White Spider Awards, Nominee in Fine Art
– Moscow International Foto Awards 2015, Honorable Mention Architecture – Buildings
– Fine Art Photography Awards 2015, Nominee in Fine Art
– Fine Art Photography Awards 2015, Nominee in Cityscape
– International Photography Awards 2015, Honourable Mention
– Monochrome Awards 2015, Honorable mention Fine Art
– ND Awards 2015, Honorable Mention Fine Art
– Fine Art Photography Awards 2014, Nominee in Landscape/Seascape
– Monochrome Awards 2014, Honorable mention in Architecture



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